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Trudeau's Red Party Cup East v West Tournament

Sponsor:The East v. West Tournament brought to you by Trudeau's reusable Red Party Cup
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When:Tuesday, January 1st, 2013
Registration: 7:30 PM
Play Begins: 8:00 PM
Structure:Teams will be divided into either East Coast and West Coast categories.
The tournament will be split into 4 separate 32-team brackets.
16 teams from each coast will fill each bracket.
All first round matches will pair one East and one West team.

Initial seeding determined by combination of state and random selection
Two person teams
Double Elimination

Re-seeding Procedure:
For each round, teams will be re-seeded to maximize East vs West match-ups when possible.
Prizes:Payouts totaling $4000 for the top 16 teams as follows:
  • 1st - $1200
  • 2nd - $600
  • 3rd (x2) - $400
  • 5th (x4) - $200
  • 9th (x4) - $100
  • 13th (x4) - $50
Equipment:Official BPONG cups, tables, balls, and racks will be used.
Contact:This tournament will be run by several event organizers from across the country.
If you have questions on registration or event details, please contact Austin Lanham.

Tournament brackets will be run by:
  • Chris Gracia (AZ)
  • Andressa Wainwright (MD)
  • Ryan De Hoop (CA)
  • Colby Collatt (TX)
Cost:Entry fee: $25.00/player