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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:Do you play with water in the cups?
Question:Is there an elbow rule?
Question:Do you have to be 21 years old to play?
Question:How can I join the Maryland Beer Pong League?
Question:What set of rules does Maryland Beer Pong play by?
Question:Who should I contact if I know of a bar/club that is interested in hosting an event?
Question:Will Maryland Beer Pong sponsor my softball/kickball/badminton team?
Question:Can I get my tournament posted on the Maryland Beer Pong website?
Question:Can I get a refund for my entry fee if I preregistered for an event?
Question:How can I create a user account?
Question:Is leaning allowed?
Question:How does my team qualify to play in the Maryland State Championships?
Question:How can I change my team's name?
Question:Do you sell beer pong trophies?
Question:Do you need to register online or can I pay at the door?
Question:Are MDBP events open to the public?
Question:How do I remove my name and/or pictures from the website?
Question:Are spectators allowed?