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It was a cold and rainy day in downtown Baltimore but nothing dampened the excitement that came with the 10th annual Maryland State Championships. The current world champion, Hunter, can add another accolade to his resume as he becomes a 2-time Maryland State champ. His partner, Reap, earns his first MD title in many years of competing. It was an all-Virginia finals match with the Lost Boyz facing the Eskimo Brothers. This probably means Maryland players need to step their game up if we're going to compete with the nation's new beer pong power house.

Third place honors went...

The winners from Friday were Jason and Moose of Grime Time. They ended up taking out The Super Baldio Brothers which comprised of Earl and his first ever high profile partner in Steph B. Grime Time showed the field they were the team to beat from the very start and placing 4-0 in the prelims with a +9 cup differential. Defiance (Eric S. and Coy) came in 2nd in prelims with a 3-1 +8 over Straight Flexxin (Grant and Jay) with a 3-1 +7. Defiance also had a notable win over Get Mitch Or Die Trying during the regular...

This past Saturday, the Coed Double Bracket ECBPC and 2v2 WSOBP Satellite was held at our newest venue, Union Jacks of Annapolis. The coed brackets were run concurrently, with Hunter and Dresa taking Bracket 1 over Carrie and Earl. Kessler and Chelsie took down Bracket 2 over Anna and Grant. The winning teams faced off in a best of three matchup, where Hunter and Dresa won two straight to emerge victorious.

Next came the WSOBP 2v2 tourney. Kessler and Hunter of "We Wish Vit Were Here" went undefeated. Meeting them in the finals were Nick and Grant, aka "What's Goodie...

Even though the O's are in the driver's seat in an AL East pennant race, it's hard to ignore that another pro football season is quickly approaching. The perennial Pick'em and Survivor Yahoo groups are back, still free to play, and still holding the coveted $40 Nobles bar tab as the reward for the grand champions. Use the links below to join the Maryland Beer Pong groups. Good luck everyone!

Sigh... as luck would have it the Random Partner Tournament last week had two of MDBP's state champions partnered together. Jason and Earl of "Back By Popular Demand" went through the tournament with ease and played Moose and Bill in the finals.

But these things just happen in random partner tournaments so there is nothing we can do about it. I really feel like it opens up the social aspect of MDBP and will allow for more tournament variety in the future.

Next week is the 1v1 Tournament LFG!

Congrats to Jeff, Lauren, and Earl of "Cinderella and Her Step Slingers" for taking down the CoEd 3v3 tournament. They played in a what some would call surprising finals entry against Fireballers + Natasha. Now we know Jeff, Earl, and Lauren are MDBP vets, but TJ, Kurt, and Natasha have shown that they are here to play with their impressive performance throughout the tournament.

Sometimes these ladies really show up to game in these CoEd tourneys. I witnessed Andressa hit approximately 14 cups while partnered with Nick and Kosta to send multiple games into overtimes. Bria is also another break...