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Due to the impending winter weather the Winter League and State Qualifier are canceled for today. Be safe out there and stay warm!

Congrats to Team 'TJ and Tits McGee' for winning the Coed After Tourney. TJ who has been on a roll this entire league in the after tournaments has made yet another 1st place finish with the help of Sarah T. This is TJ's 3rd first place finish out of 5 tournaments so far so he is a shoe-in for the MD 1 team for BOTE. Sarah is a big up and comer winning her first tournament in the first year she has been playing.

Also Congrats to 'Work With Benefits' (Greg and Kerry) who ALWAYS place...

Congrats once again to TJ for winning yet another after tournament. This time he was playing against Mantis instead of with him in the Random 2v2 partner tournament in the finals. TJ had to win 2 games in a row to get the victory and he did so against a former 1v1 State Champion in Mantis. TJ is an up and comer that you should never underestimate. The complete results are posted on the tournament page.

Congrats to Andressa as well for winning the 1v1 Women's division. She took on Kerry (last years 1v1 women's champ) in the finals...

Congrats to 'Dirty Sanchez' comprised of Jay, Moose and Natasha who took on 'Too Fuckin Good' (Anna, Grant, and Jason) in the finals of the 3v3 tournament and went the whole day undefeated. This tournament which was NOT Coed was dominated by Coed teams with 2 Coed teams being in the finals. What a great time to be a lady in Beerpong! It is time to stop underestimating their level of play.

Congrats to the Random Partner Tourney winners Mantis and TJ. While Mantis is no stranger to a 1st place finish, TJ proved that he can hang with the big boys as well. They played against Dresa and Earl in the finals and had to win twice to win.

Come on down to Nobles next week to play in the 3v3 tournament. It should be a 15 cup show of true pong abilities.

It was a cold and rainy day in downtown Baltimore but nothing dampened the excitement that came with the 10th annual Maryland State Championships. The current world champion, Hunter, can add another accolade to his resume as he becomes a 2-time Maryland State champ. His partner, Reap, earns his first MD title in many years of competing. It was an all-Virginia finals match with the Lost Boyz facing the Eskimo Brothers. This probably means Maryland players need to step their game up if we're going to compete with the nation's new beer pong power house.

Third place honors went...